A simple wrapper around the AuthorizeNet android and ios sdk

Setting up

In Android you have to to a bit of setup. First go to android/app/build.gradle in in the android {} block add

    repositories {

    dependencies {
        implementation 'net.authorize:accept-sdk-android:1.0.2'

Then go into your android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml file and add xmlns:tools="" in the

How to use

  • add to pubfile

Get the Card Token used to make the createTransactionRequest request

authorizeNetToken = await AuthorizeNetPlugin.authorizeNetToken(
          env: 'test',
          cardNumber: '370000000000002',
          expirationMonth: '02',
          expirationYear: '2022',
          cardCvv: '900',
          zipCode: '30028',
          cardHolderName: 'Jeremiah',
          apiLoginId: '7594xDmRz',

This will spit out the token you use to make the createTransactionRequest POST request

    "createTransactionRequest": {
        "merchantAuthentication": {
            "name": "YOUR_API_LOGIN_ID",
            "transactionKey": "YOUR_TRANSACTION_KEY"
        "refId": "123456",
        "transactionRequest": {
            "transactionType": "authCaptureTransaction",
            "amount": "5",
            "payment": {
                "opaqueData": {
                    "dataDescriptor": "COMMON.ACCEPT.INAPP.PAYMENT",
                    "dataValue": authorizeNetToken