loginWithPopup method

Future<Credentials> loginWithPopup({
  1. String? audience,
  2. String? organizationId,
  3. String? invitationUrl,
  4. int? maxAge,
  5. Set<String>? scopes,
  6. dynamic popupWindow,
  7. int? timeoutInSeconds,
  8. Map<String, String> parameters = const {},

Opens a popup with the /authorize URL using the parameters provided as parameters.

Random and secure state and nonce parameters will be auto-generated. If the response is successful, results will be valid according to their expiration times.

Note: This method should be called from an event handler that was triggered by user interaction, such as a button click. Otherwise the popup will be blocked in most browsers.

Additional notes:

  • audience relates to the API Identifier you want to reference in your access tokens. See API settings to learn more.
  • scopes defaults to openid profile email. You can override these scopes, but openid is always requested regardless of this setting.
  • If you want to log into a specific organization, provide the organizationId. Provide invitationUrl if a user has been invited to join an organization.
  • Arbitrary parameters can be specified and then picked up in a custom Auth0 Action or Rule.

Using a custom popup

To provide your own popup window, create it using the window.open() HTML API and set popupWindow to the result. You may want to do this if certain browsers (like Safari) block the popup by default; in this scenario, creating your own and passing it to loginWithPopup() may fix it.

final popup = window.open('', '', 'width=400,height=800');
final credentials = await auth0Web.loginWithPopup(popupWindow: popup);

Note: This requires that dart:html be imported into the plugin package, which may generate the warning 'avoid_web_libraries_in_flutter'.


Future<Credentials> loginWithPopup(
        {final String? audience,
        final String? organizationId,
        final String? invitationUrl,
        final int? maxAge,
        final Set<String>? scopes,
        final dynamic popupWindow,
        final int? timeoutInSeconds,
        final Map<String, String> parameters = const {}}) =>
        audience: audience,
        organizationId: organizationId,
        invitationUrl: invitationUrl,
        scopes: scopes ?? {},
        idTokenValidationConfig: IdTokenValidationConfig(maxAge: maxAge),
        popupWindow: popupWindow,
        timeoutInSeconds: timeoutInSeconds,
        parameters: parameters));