credentials method

Future<Credentials> credentials({
  1. String? audience,
  2. num? timeoutInSeconds,
  3. Set<String>? scopes,
  4. CacheMode? cacheMode,
  5. Map<String, String> parameters = const {},

Retrieves a set of credentials for the user.

By default, the credentials will be returned from an internal cache. If the access token within 60 seconds of its expiry time, a new access token will be retrieved from Auth0. Either an iframe will be used to fetch this token, or a refresh token, depending on the useRefreshTokens SDK configuration setting.

Note: using an iframe to request tokens relies on third-party cookie support in your browser if you are not using a custom domains.

Additional notes:

  • audience and scopes can be used to request an access token for a different API than what was originally requested at login. This has no effect when using refresh tokens.
  • cacheMode allows you to control whether the cache is used to return tokens or not. Please see CacheMode for more details.
  • timeoutInSeconds is used to control the timeout specifically for when an iframe is used to request new tokens, and has no effect when using refresh tokens.
  • Arbitrary parameters can be specified and then picked up in a custom Auth0 Action or Rule.


Future<Credentials> credentials(
        {final String? audience,
        final num? timeoutInSeconds,
        final Set<String>? scopes,
        final CacheMode? cacheMode,
        final Map<String, String> parameters = const {}}) =>
        audience: audience,
        timeoutInSeconds: timeoutInSeconds,
        scopes: scopes,
        cacheMode: cacheMode,
        parameters: parameters));