Dart package for authentication using Auth0 API.Contains basic set of methods like passwordRealm, sentOtp, getUser, logout etc.


var client = Auth0Client(clientId: "abcdefg", clientSecret: "abcdefg", domain: "site.url"
        connectTimeout: 10000, sendTimeout: 10000, receiveTimeout: 60000);

Domain should be without https, it is added automatically

Available methods

updateToken - Updates current access token for Auth0 connection authorizeUrl - Builds the full authorize endpoint url in the Authorization Server (AS) with given parameters. passwordRealm - Performs Auth with user credentials using the Password Realm Grant passwordGrant - Performs Auth with user credentials using the Password Grant without Realm refreshToken - Obtains new tokens using the Refresh Token obtained during Auth (requesting offline_access scope) getUserInfo - Returns user information using an access token resetPassword - Requests an email with instructions to change password of a user logout - Makes logout API call createUser - Performs creating user with specified values revoke - Revokes an issued refresh token exchange - Exchanges a code obtained via /authorize (w/PKCE) for the user's tokens sendOtpCode - Performs sending sms code on phone number verifyPhoneWithOTP - Performs verification of phone number