Notify class Null safety

The “notify” verb allows to notify the another @sign. The @sign should be authenticated using the cram/pkam verb prior to use the notify verb. A malformed request does not close the @sign client connection.

Syntax: notify:notifier:::@ Optionally, following preferences can be set on the notification: messageType: KEY, TEXT This field indicates the type of notification. This is an optional field. Defaults to Key. KEY: To notify a key Example: notify:messageType:key:@colin:phone@kevin TEXT: To notify a message. Example: notify:messageType:text:@colin:hi priority: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH This fields indicates the priority of the notification. Defaults to low priority. Example: notify:priority:low:@murali:key1@sitaram strategy: ALL, LATEST Strategy 'ALL' ensures to deliver all the notifications. Example: notify:strategy:all:@alice:location@bob Strategy 'LATEST' notifies the latest N notifications. When strategy is set to latest, following preferences are to be set: Notifier: This is a mandatory field. The notifier groups the notifications with same notifier and deliver the latest N notifications. LatestN: This is optional field. The latest N notifications to deliver. Defaults to 1. Example: notify:strategy:latest:latestN:5:notifier:wavi:@alice:location@bob ttr: Creates a cached key at the receiver side. Accepts a time duration in seconds which is a positive integer value to refresh the cached key or -1 to cache for forever. Example: notify:ttr:-1:@alice:city@bob:california.





hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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dependsOn() Verb?
Returns name of the Verb this verb depends on
name() String
Returns name of the verb
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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requiresAuth() bool
Returns whether a verb requires authentication
syntax() String
Returns syntax of the verb in a regular expression format
toString() String
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usage() String
Returns a sample usage of the Verb


operator ==(Object other) bool
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