Package for Cryptographic and Hashing Operations (CHOPS) such as encryption, decryption, data signing and hashing that can be leveraged by client applications using the at protocol.


  • Asymmetric public/private key encryption/decryption using RSA
  • Symmetric key encryption/decryption using AES
  • Digest signing and verification for PKAM authentication
  • Data signing and verification for public data in the at protocol
  • Hashing operations

Getting started

  • Developer should have a basic understanding on how asymmetric and symmetric encryption works.
  • Developers can use their own key pairs/keys to use this package or create new key pairs/keys using AtChopsUtil


final atChopsKeys = AtChopsKeys.create(atEncryptionKeyPair, null);
final atChops = AtChopsImpl(atChopsKeys);
final data = 'Hello World';
final encryptedString = atChops.encryptString(data, EncryptionKeyType.rsa_2048);
final decryptedString = atChops.decryptString(encryptedString, EncryptionKeyType.rsa_2048);