listenAndBuffer method

Stream<T> listenAndBuffer()

Eagerly listens to this stream and buffers events until needed.

The returned stream will emit the same events as this stream, starting from when this method is called. The events are delayed until the returned stream is listened to, at which point all buffered events will be emitted in order, and then further events from this stream will be emitted as they arrive.

The buffer will retain all events until the returned stream is listened to, so if the stream can emit arbitrary amounts of data, callers should be careful to listen to the stream eventually or call stream.listen(null).cancel() to discard the buffered data if it becomes clear that the data isn't not needed.


Stream<T> listenAndBuffer() {
  var controller = StreamController<T>(sync: true);
  var subscription = listen(controller.add,
      onError: controller.addError, onDone: controller.close);
    ..onPause = subscription.pause
    ..onResume = subscription.resume
    ..onCancel = subscription.cancel;