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As you know, you need to use the image path to load image in Flutter , e.g., AssetImage('graphics/background.png'). However, this approach is prone to errors, such as the spelling of the path, you can only find this error after the program runs, and you may not be able to intuitively know which picture this is through the path. Assets Scanner helps you generate constants for assets, reducing the probability of misspellings. At the same time, you can hover over the constants to preview the images more intuitively.


In your pubspec.yaml, add the following:

    assets_scanner: ^1.0.0

Then run flutter packages pub run build_runner build, assets_scanner will generate a r.dart file in the lib/ for you, such like below:

/// GENERATED BY assets_scanner. DO NOT MODIFY.
/// See more detail on
class R {
  static const package = "example";

  /// ![](.../assets-scanner/example/assets/baseline_3d_rotation_white.png)
  static const baseline_3d_rotation_white = "assets/baseline_3d_rotation_white.png";

// ignore_for_file:lines_longer_than_80_chars,constant_identifier_names

Now, you can preview images assets by hovering to the constants:

Custom the assets_scanner_options.yaml

By default, assets_scanner generate the r.dart in the lib/, the class name with R, etc. You can custom some options by adding a assets_scanner_options.yaml file, the supported keys list below:

  • path: The path where the r.dart file locate. Note that the path should be sub-path of lib/.

  • className: The class name of the r.dart.

  • ignoreComment: Indicate the comments need to be generated or not. Note that the you can't preview the images assets if ignoreComment is true.

Here the example of the assets_scanner_options.yaml file:

# assets_scanner_options.yaml

path: "lib/src"
className: "MainAssets"
ignoreComment: true


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