A Flutter plug-in providing a native web view that loads Flutter assets. Useful for embdding HTML content in your application, for example to display help content.


Usage involves the following steps:

  1. Add HTML assets to your application including CSS and images as needed.

    A pubspec.yaml entry might look as follows:

        - help/

    example: example/pubspec.yaml

  2. Add web content to your application assets.

    example: example/help

  3. Add the AssetWebview widget to your application.

    Create a page as follows:

    return MaterialApp(
       home: Scaffold(
         appBar: AppBar(
           title: const Text('Example Usage of asset_webview'),
         body: SafeArea(
             child: Column(children: [
               child: AssetWebview(initialUrl: 'asset://local/help/index.html'))

    example: example/lib/main.dart

See the sample application for a complete application.

To link from web content to a named route in the app, do the following:

  1. Create a function that can provide a BuildContext

    BuildContext _currentContext() => _navigatorKey.currentContext!;
    final _navigatorKey = GlobalKey<NavigatorState>();
  2. Pass a NavigationAssetWebviewController to the AssetWebview

      initialUrl: 'asset://local/help/index.html',
      controller: NavigationAssetWebviewController(_currentContext)
  3. Provide named routes in the application

      navigatorKey: _navigatorKey,
      routes: {"about": (context) => AboutPage()},
  4. Place navigation links in the html content:

    <a href="navigation://about">About</a>

See the sample application for a complete application.


My assets aren't showing up (not found)

Check the pubspec.yaml indentation. assets must be indented one level under flutter.


Editing Android Plugin Files

Per Flutter docs when opening in IntelliJ open example/android/build.gradle


publishing: flutter pub publish


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