Argox Printer

pub package

Flutter package throught FFI for using Argox Label Printer


  • Complete integration with Argox Label Printers
  • for now tested at PPLA driver in OS-2140 printer

Getting started

TODO: List prerequisites and provide or point to information on how to start using the package.


To use this plugin, add argox_printer as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Here are small examples that show you how to use the driver.

WINPPLA DLL Error Code List

1000-Print out failed.
2001A_Bar2d_Maxi()The argument is error.
2002A_Bar2d_Maxi()The data argument must be numeric.
2003A_Bar2d_Maxi()The data argument must be numeric.
2004A_Bar2d_Maxi()The argument is error.
2005A_Bar2d_DataMatrix()The argument is error.
2006A_Bar2d_DataMatrix()The data argument must be numeric.
2007A_Bar2d_DataMatrix()The argument is error.
2021A_Bar2d_PDF417()The argument is error.
2022A_Bar2d_PDF417()The argument is error.
2023A_Bar2d_PDF417()The argument is error.
2024A_Bar2d_PDF417()The data argument must be numeric.
2025A_Bar2d_PDF417()The data argument must be numeric.
2026A_Bar2d_PDF417()The argument is error.
2041A_CreatePrn()The argument is error.
2042A_CreatePrn()Memory allocation Fail.
2042A_CreatePort()Memory allocation Fail.
2045A_CreatePrn()Memory allocation Fail.
2045A_CreatePort()Memory allocation Fail.
2061A_Del_Graphic()The argument is error.
2081A_Draw_Box()The argument is error.
2082A_Draw_Box()The argument is error.
2101A_Draw_Diagonal()The argument is error.
2121A_Draw_Ellipse()The argument is error.
2141A_Draw_Line()The argument is error.
2142A_Draw_Line()The argument is error.
2161A_Get_Graphic()The argument is error.
2162A_Get_Graphic()File open failed.
2163A_Get_Graphic()The argument is error.
2164A_Get_Graphic()Memory allocation Fail.
2181A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMP()The argument is error.
2181A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMPEx()The argument is error.
2181A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMP_HBitmap()The argument is error.
2182A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMP()The argument is error.
2182A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMPEx()The argument is error.
2182A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMP_HBitmap()The argument is error.
2201A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMP_Mem() The argument is error.
2202A_Get_Graphic_ColorBMP_Mem() The argument is error.
2221A_Initial_Setting()The argument is error.
2222A_Initial_Setting()File open failed.
2223A_Initial_Setting()Memory allocation Fail.
2241A_Load_Graphic()The argument is error.
2261A_Open_ChineseFont()The argument is error.
2262A_Open_ChineseFont()STDFONT1.15 file open failed.
2263A_Open_ChineseFont()STDFONTS.15 file open failed.
2264A_Open_ChineseFont()SPCFONT.15 file open failed.
2265A_Open_ChineseFont()SPCFSUPP.15 file open failed.
2266A_Open_ChineseFont()STDFONT.24 file open failed.
2267A_Open_ChineseFont()SPCFONT.24 file open failed.
2268A_Open_ChineseFont()SPCFSUPP.24 file open failed.
2281A_Print_Form()The argument is error.
2282A_Print_Form()Two ',' of form_name argument cann't link together.
2301A_Print_Out()The argument is error.
2341A_Prn_Barcode()The argument is error.
2342A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for UPC-A must be numeric.
2343A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode UPC-A must be 11 characters in length.
2344A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for UPC-E must be numeric.
2345A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode UPC-E must be 6 characters in length.
2346A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for I25 must be numeric.
2347A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for EAN-13 must be numeric.
2348A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode EAN-13 must be 12 characters in length.
2349A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for EAN-8 must be numeric.
2350A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode EAN-8 must be 7 characters in length.
2351A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for I25 must be numeric.
2352A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for PLESSEY must be numeric.
2353A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode PLESSEY must be 14 characters in length.
2354A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for I25 must be numeric.
2355A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for UPC2 must be numeric.
2356A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode UPC2 must be 2 characters in length.
2357A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for UPC5 must be numeric.
2358A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode UPC5 must be 5 characters in length.
2359A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for POSTNET must be numeric.
2360A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for UCC/EAN Code 128 must be numeric.
2361A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode UCC/EAN Code 128 must be 19 characters in length.
2362A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for UCC/EAN Code 128 K-MART must be numeric.
2363A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode UCC/EAN Code 128 K-MART must be 18 characters in length.
2364A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for UCC/EAN Code 128 Random weight must be numeric.
2365A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument for FIM must be numeric.
2366A_Prn_Barcode()A string of Barcode FIM must be 1 characters in length.
2367A_Prn_Barcode()The argument is error.
2368A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument must be numeric.
2369A_Prn_Barcode()The data argument must be numeric.
2370A_Prn_Barcode()The argument is error.
2381A_Prn_Text()The argument is error.
2382A_Prn_Text()The data argument must be numeric.
2383A_Prn_Text()The data argument must be numeric.
2384A_Prn_Text()The argument is error.
2385A_Make_SoftFont()The argument is error.
2401A_Prn_Text_Chinese()The argument is error.
2421A_Prn_Text_TrueType()The argument is error.
2421A_Prn_Text_TrueType_W()The argument is error.
2421A_Prn_Text_TrueType_Uni()The argument is error.
2421A_Prn_Text_TrueType_UniB()The argument is error.
2441A_Set_Backfeed()The argument is error.
2461A_Set_Cutting()The argument is error.
2481A_Set_Darkness()The argument is error.
2501A_Set_Feed()The argument is error.
2521A_Set_Form()The argument is error.
2522A_Set_Form()File open failed.
2523A_Set_Form()Memory allocation Fail.
2541A_Set_FlashMemory()The argument is error.
2561A_Set_Margin()The argument is error.
2581A_Set_Prncomport()The argument is error.
2601A_Set_Prncomport_PC()The argument is error.
2621A_Set_Sensor_Mode()The argument is error.
2622A_Set_Sensor_Mode()The argument is error.
2641A_Set_Speed()The argument is error.
2661A_Set_Syssetting()The argument is error.
2662A_Set_Syssetting()The argument is error.
2663A_Set_Syssetting()The argument is error.
2664A_Set_Syssetting()The argument is error.
2665A_Set_Syssetting()The argument is error.
2670A_Set_LabelVer()The argument is error.
2681A_Set_Unit()The argument is error.
2685A_Set_DebugDialog()The argument is error.
2687A_Set_BMPSave()The argument is error.
2689A_Set_LogicThe argument is error.
2690A_Set_Gap()The argument is error.
2701A_Bar2d_RSS()The argument is error.
2721A_Bar2d_QR_M()The argument is error.
2722A_Bar2d_QR_M()The data argument must be numeric.
2723A_Bar2d_QR_M()The argument is error.
2731A_Bar2d_QR_A()The argument is error.
2732A_Bar2d_QR_A()The data argument must be numeric.
2733A_Bar2d_QR_A()The argument is error.
2740A_WriteData()The argument is error.
2741A_Set_EncryptionKey()The argument is error.
2742A_Check_EncryptionKey()The argument is error.
2743A_Check_EncryptionKey()Read data error.
2744A_Check_EncryptionKey()Check encryption key error.
2745A_Set_LabelForSmartPrint()The argument is error.
3000-The default printer DC is created failed.
3001-The printer DC is created failed.
3010-The font file is error.
3020-The argument is error.
3021-The argument is error.
3030-The argument is error.
3031-The brush object is created failed.
3032-The pen object is created failed.
3040-Error opening file.
3041-Error reading file.
3042-Not a recognised BMP format file.
3043-Memory allocation fail.
3044-Error reading file.
3045-OS/2 style BMPs Not Supported.
3046-Memory allocation fail.
3047-Error reading file.
3048-Error reading file.
3049-Error reading file.
3065-The DC object is created failed.
3070-Memory allocation fail.
4001-No USB Printer Connect.
4002-The USB port number is over connect USB port.
4003-No Net Printer Connect.
4004-The net port number is over connect net port.

WINPORT DLL Error Code List:

101The outport open failed.
102Specify the outport is out of range.
103The output dialog is created failed.
104The serial port is not opened.
105The outport is not opened.
106The parallel port is opened failed.
107The serial port is opened failed.
108The Baud rate is out of range.
109The data length is out of range.
110The Parity bits is out of range.
111The stop bits is out of range.
112The serial port set to fail.
113Cancel the file output.
114Open the file failed.
116Can not find the specified open the pipe name, Please reconfirm name.
117Open the pipe failed.
118The USB printer does not exist.
119Specified USB outport can not be found.
120Specified network address of the open failed.