Apps Manager

Apps Manager is a Flutter package that simplifies app management using the Apps Manager server


  1. Monitor App Installs
  2. Monitor App Sessions
  3. Real-Time App Analytics
  4. Send Push Notifications
  5. Facebook and Admob Ads Controls
    • Update Placements ID
    • Update AdUnit ID
  6. Uploads Contents for Content Apps

Platform Support

Feature Android iOS macOS Web Linux Windows
Apps Manager

Getting Started

Apps Manager

How To Use

Add this to public in order to be accesible any where in your code

String appID = "80";
late Future<List<UploadedContents>> futureContents;

Call this fuction in order to init the appsmanager to connects with your App and be able to get Ads IDs and records every sessions and new installs if new user

  void adsmanagerInit() async {
    await appsManagerinit(appID);

To get contents you uploads via Apps Manager

//All - means all contents uploaded
//But you can filter with category
  void initState() {
    futureContents = fetchAppsManagerContents(appID, "All");
    //futureContents = fetchAppsManagerContents(appID, "category_name");


Here are some common use cases for Apps Manager:

Monitoring App Installs and Sessions

Apps Manager automatically tracks app installs and sessions. You can view these metrics in real-time on the AppsManager dashboard.

Real-Time Analytics

Get insights into how your app is performing with real-time analytics. This includes user engagement metrics and usage patterns.

Push Notifications

Send targeted push notifications to your users directly from the AppsManager dashboard.

Ads Management

Easily manage your Facebook and Admob ad placements. Update Placement IDs and AdUnit IDs without the need to release a new app version.

Content Uploads

If your app provides content to users, you can upload and manage this content through the AppsManager server.


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