Apple Pay Mimic

Apple Pay Mimic contains flexible mimics to PassKit

Getting Started

Requires iOS 10

  • Add apple_pay_mimic dependency to your pubspec.yaml
  • Call await ApplePayMimic.init() for plugin initialization
  • You are ready

Table of Mimics


PassKit ApplePayMimic
PKPaymentNetwork PKPaymentNetwork
PKMerchantCapability PKMerchantCapability
PKShippingType PKShippingType
PKContactField PKContactField
PKPaymentSummaryItemType PKPaymentSummaryItemType
PKPaymentMethodType PKPaymentMethodType


PassKit ApplePayMimic
PKPaymentSummaryItem PKPaymentSummaryItem
PKShippingMethod PKShippingMethod
PKContact PKContact
PKPaymentToken PKPaymentToken
PKPaymentMethod PKPaymentMethod
PKPayment PKPayment
PersonNameComponents PersonNameComponents
CNPostalAddress CNPostalAddress


PassKit ApplePayMimic
PKPaymentRequest.availableNetworks ApplePayMimic.availableNetworks
PKPaymentAuthorizationController.canMakePayments ApplePayMimic.canMakePayments
PKPaymentAuthorizationController.present ApplePayMimic.processPayment


PassKit ApplePayMimic
PKPaymentButton ApplePayButton


Look at the example: This example fills some conditions:

  • You are book and stationery store.
  • You have two shipping types, a slow for free, and a fast for 5$
  • You want to charge payment with two items - a Harry Potter book and a Pencil case
  • You can process shipping only in Germany and Russia countries
  • You provide to Germany users free bonus item - a Tape