appinio_swiper is a Flutter package for a Tinder Card Swiper. ✨

It allows swiping in all directions with any Custom Widget (Stateless or Statefull).

Very smooth animations supporting Android, iOS & WebApp.


We build this package because we wanted to:

  • have a complete customizable slider
  • be able to swipe in every direction
  • trigger unswipe however we want
  • choose our own settings for the swiper such as duration, angle, padding..
  • trigger swipe, swipe left/right or swipe up/down however we want
  • set swipe options and restrict horizontal or vertical swipe.
  • set loop for infinite scroll
  • update the list of cards between swipes.
  • Check in which direction the card is being swiped and modify your widget accordingly.- We can have any number of background cards.
  • Pass any combination of swipe options.
  • NEW - check when user is swiping card back before reaching the threshold value.
  • NEW - Get current card index, offset and rotation
  • NEW - Programmatically animate card swipe.
  • NEW - We can have any number of background cards.
  • NEW - Pass any combination of swipe options.

❗NEW Features ❗

Animate the top card.

Now you can arbitrarily animate the position of the top card using AppinioSwiperController.animatTo.

Listen to the card offset and rotation.

Now you can track the offset and rotation of the top card by listening to the AppinioSwiperController.

Know when user is coming back without completely swiping the card.

Now you can track if user is swiping the card back to the center with the CancelSwipe SwiperActivity.

Space background cards as per your requirement.

Now you can decide the spacing between the background cards and can also hide them by giving backgroundCardOffset =


We have added onSwipeCancel event to check if the card swiped completely or if the swipe got canceled in the middle.

Add different combinations for swipe options.

Now you can provide any combination of swipe options. For example: The user can swipe to the left and bottom but not top, or any possible combination.

Show any number of background cards.

Now you can decide how many background cards you want to show.

Listen to card swipes

Now you can check in which direction the card is being swiped and modify your widget accordingly

Trigger swipe up and swipe down through controller

You can now trigger swipe up and swipe down with our AppinioSwiperController regardless of the chosen swipe direction (which is still used when swipe is called through the controller). Just like the swipeLeft and swipeRight call, you can call swipeUp or swipeDown through the controller anywhere you want.

Restrict horizontal or vertical swipe

You can now restrict the swipe in either horizontal directions or vertical directions using swipeOptions property.

Set looping for card swipe

Now you can set the loop property to true and make the list infinitely scrollable.

Update the cards while swiping

In this version we have replaced the list of cards with cardsBuilder. Now the widget only renders two cards at a time which makes it lightweight and scalable. So you can perform operations on your card anytime.

Show Cases

Trigger swipe right and swipe left however you want...

Unswipe the cards however you want...

Customize the angle...

Customize the threshold of the swiper, when the card should slide away...


Create a new project with the command

flutter create MyApp


appinio_swiper: ...

to your pubspec.yaml of your flutter project. OR run

flutter pub add appinio_swiper

in your project's root directory.

In your library add the following import:

import 'package:appinio_swiper/appinio_swiper.dart';

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.


You can place your AppinioSwiper inside of a Scaffold or CupertinoPageScaffold like we did here. Optional parameters can be defined to enable different features. See the following example..

import 'package:appinio_swiper/appinio_swiper.dart';
import 'package:flutter/cupertino.dart';

class Example extends StatelessWidget {

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return CupertinoPageScaffold(
      child: SizedBox(
        height: MediaQuery
            .height * 0.75,
        child: AppinioSwiper(
          cardsCount: 10,
          onSwiping: (AppinioSwiperDirection direction) {
          cardsBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) {
            return Container(
              child: const Text(index.toString()),
              color: CupertinoColors.activeBlue,



Parameter Default Description Required
cardCount - Number of cards you want to render. true
backgroundCardCount 1 Number of cards you want to render in background. false
backgroundCardScale .9 Scale factor for the background card. false
backgroundCardOffset - Offset for the background card. false
cardBuilder - Callback of the type CardsBuilder. true
swipeOptions - value of type AppinioSwipeOptions to restrict swipes. false
invertAngleOnBottomDrag true Sets whether the card should angle in the opposite direction when it is dragged from the bottom half. false
controller - Trigger swipe, unSwipe and animateTo. false
padding EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 20, vertical: 25) Control swiper padding false
duration 200 milliseconds The duration that every animation should last false
cardsSpacing 40 The spacing between background cards. false
maxAngle 30 Maximum angle the card reaches while swiping false
threshold 50 Threshold from which the card is swiped away false
isDisabled false Set to true if swiping should be disabled, has no impact when triggered from the outside false
onTapDisabled - Function that get triggered when the swiper is disabled false
onSwipeBegin - Called when user starts to swipe a card. false
onSwipeEnd - Called swipe action completes. false
onCardPositionChanged - Called when card position changes. false
onEnd - Called when there is no Widget left to be swiped away false
defaultDirection right Direction in which the card is swiped away when triggered from the outside false
allowUnswipe true Set to false if unswipe should be disabled away false
unlimitedUnswipe false Set to true if the user can unswipe as many cards as possible false
onUnswipe - Called with the boolean true when the last card gets unswiped and with the boolean false if there is no card to unswipe false
onSwipeCancelled - Gets called when the user leaves the card before the threshold is reached false


The Controller is used to control the swipeDefault, swipeLeft, swipeRight, swipeUp , swipeDown , unswipe and animateTo function of the swiper from outside of the widget. You can create a controller called AppinioSwiperController and save the instance for further usage. Please have a closer look to our Example for the usage.

Method Description
swipe Changes the state of the controller to swipe and swipes the card in your selected direction.
swipeLeft Changes the state of the controller to swipe left and swipes the card to the left side.
swipeRight Changes the state of the controller to swipe right and swipes the card to the right side.
swipeUp Changes the state of the controller to swipe up and swipes the card to the up side.
swipeDown Changes the state of the controller to swipe down and swipes the card to the down side.
unswipe Changes the state of the controller to unswipe and brings back the last card that was swiped away.
animateTo Animates the current offset of the card on top to the required Offset in a given duration.

Made with ❤ by Flutter team at Appinio GmbH