isCronJobRequest function Null safety

bool isCronJobRequest(
  1. HttpRequest request

Returns true, if the incoming request is an AppEngine cron job request.

To schedule cron jobs for your application, you must create a cron.yaml file in the project root alongside your app.yaml. The following is an example of such a cron.yaml file:

- description: 'daily database cleanup job'
  url: '/tasks/database-cleanup'
  schedule: 'every 24 hours'
  target: 'default'

When the cronjob from the example above is triggered AppEngine will send an HTTP request to the default service for the resource /tasks/database-cleanup. In practice anyone can instigate such a request, but AppEngine will send the request from '' and include a special header. This function will validate the origin of the request to ensure that it does indeed originate from AppEngine's cron job scheduler.


bool isCronJobRequest(HttpRequest request) {
  return request.headers['X-Appengine-Cron']?.contains('true') == true;