Another Bother SDK library for Flutter. For full demo app see Another-Brother-Demo-Prime

Android Support

  • Bluetooth/BLE
  • WiFi
  • USB

iOS Support

  • Bluetooth/BLE
  • WiFi

Android Min SDK

  • Requires minSdkVersion 19

iOS Info.plist

Add the following to your Info.plist

	<!-- Another Brother Section -->
        <string>Looking for local tcp Bonjour service</string>
    	<string>Need BLE permission</string>
    	<string>Need BLE permission</string>
    	<string>Need Location permission</string>
    	<string>Need Location permission</string>
    	<string>Need Location permission</string>
    		<!-- Only needed if working with TypeB printer. IMPORTANT: If planning to release to the Apple store don't use it as it will lead to a rejection -->
    	<!-- End Another Brother Section -->

On your Runner make sure to mark: Allow non-modular includes as yes. Also make sure to mark the libBROTHERSDK.a as belonging to another_brother in xCode:

iOS Setup Video:

Publishing to the Apple Store

When submitting your application to the Apple store you'll need to obtain a PPID from Brother. This can be achieved by making a request here:

Without it you'll likely receive a rejection message along the lines of:

App has not been authorized by the accessory manufacturer to work with the MFi accessory

Apps Built with another_brother

Have an app built using another_brother let me know and I will add it here!

Brother Hackathon

Feel free to use any of my GitHub repositories in your apps. You should also consider attending the free Brother Hackathon happening this year. You get a free Brother QL-1110NWB, a PT-P910BT, and possibly an awesome DS-940DW mobile scanner. Visit for more information. I will be teaching workshops, and they are free. You can ask me any questions. Thank you.