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Anitube website crawler API. This dart package is a simple library to fetch animes and episodes data from the brazilian Anitube website.

Real Package Link: anitube_crawler_api

This package gets the website html pages, parse them and returns the data using a well formatted data model classes.

This package is part of the AnimeStore mobile app project.


:film_strip: Fetch the most recents episodes.

:tada: Fetch the most recents animes.

:heart_eyes: Fetch the most viewed animes.

:white_check_mark: Fetch the daily releases.

:dizzy: Fetch available genres.

:ok_man: Fetch anime details info with the available episodes.

:clapper: Fetch episodes details with video stream link.

:mag_right: Search for animes.


To use this plugin, add anitube_crawler_updated_api and dio package as dependencies in pubspec.yaml file. For example:


anitube_crawler_updated_api: 1.4.0
dio: ^4.0.6


The API is very simple. You just need an instance of AniTubeApi class to get all the data that you want.

import  'package:anitube_crawler_updated_api/anitube_crawler_api.dart';

final dioClient = Dio();
/// create a instance.
final  AniTubeApi api = AniTubeApi(dioClient);

Getting the Anitube homepage data

HomePageInfo homePage = await api.getHomePageData();

// HomePageInfo brings all information about the anitube website home page using a simple and good formated model.

// Checking the data that homePage brings to you.

print(homePage.dayReleases ); // Data type is List<AnimeItem>

print(homePage.latestEpisodes); // Data type is List<EpisodeItem>

print(homePage.mostRecentAnimes); // Data type is List<AnimeItem>

print(homePage.mostShowedAnimes); // Data type is List<AnimeItem>

Getting details about an "anime" like title, author, episodes reference list, genre and more...

// getting the first anime released.
AnimeItem anime = homePage.dayReleases[0];
// use id property of AnimeItem instance.

AnimeDetails details = await api.getAnimeDetails();

// check the anime details property

Getting episode details like the stream Url

// details is an AnimeDetails instance.

var episodeList = details.episodes; // getting List<EpisodeItem>

// getting the first episode from the list

var desiredEpisode = episodeList[ 0 ];

// use id property of EpisodeItem instance.

EpisodeDetails episode = await api.getEpisodeDetails(;

// printing episode title


// printing episode stream URL


// checking EpisodeDetails class properties


Getting all genres available.

List<Genres> genres = await api.getGenresAvailable();

// print the list with all avaialble genre names.

Getting all the animes in anitube website.

// AnimeListPageInfo instance holds data about the current
// anime list page included the anime item list and the current page
// number and the max page number both are useful to do pagination.

AnimeListPageInfo pageInfo = await api.getAnimeListPageData(
// 1 is the default page number
pageNumber = 1,
// getting only animes with subtitles.
ccType = AnimeCC.LEGENDED,);

// prints the current page number

// prints the last page number

// prints the list with AnimeItem objects which comes with the current page.

The search engine used is from the anitube website. Sometimes it returns undesired results but most cases it works well.

// the search can be anything. A letter, a anime name, studio name etc.

String query = "Shigeki no kyojin";

AnimeListPageInfo searchPageInfo = await
pageNumber = 1, // the default page number is 1.


// prints the current search page number

// prints the last page number

// prints the list with AnimeItem objects which comes with the current search page.

//NOTE: sometimes a query can have more than 1 page, in this cases

// if you want more results to the same query string value YOU MUST call search method again using the same query but a different pageNumber

// getting the page 2 for the query string.

AnimeListPageInfo searchPageInfo2 = await
pageNumber = 2,);