A Customizable Animated Search Bar. It is suitable for the AppBar.

Getting Started

Simple use case

   centerTitle: 'App Title',
   onChanged: (text) => debugPrint(text),
   searchTextEditingController: controller,
   horizontalPadding: 5)
Simple use case Using all properties
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All properties of this package

   ///! Required
   onChanged: (text) => debugPrint(text),
   searchTextEditingController: controller,

   ///! Optional. For more customization
   //? Back Button
   backIcon: Icons.arrow_back_ios_new,
   backIconColor: Colors.white,
   isBackButtonVisible: true,
   previousScreen: null, // It will push and replace this screen when pressing the back button
   //? Close Button
   closeIconColor: Colors.white,
   //? Center Title
   centerTitle: 'App Title', 
   hintText: 'Search here...',
   centerTitleStyle: const TextStyle(
     fontWeight: FontWeight.w500,color: Colors.white, fontSize: 20),
   //? Search hint text
   hintStyle: const TextStyle(
     color: Colors.white, fontWeight: FontWeight.w300),
   //? Search Text
   textStyle: const TextStyle(
     color: Colors.white, fontWeight: FontWeight.w300),
   //? Cursor color
   cursorColor: Colors.lightBlue.shade300,
   //? Duration
   duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 500),
   //? Height, Width & Padding
   searchFieldHeight: 35, // Total height of the search field
   searchBarHeight: 50, // Total height of this Widget
   searchBarWidth: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width - 20, // Total width of this Widget
   horizontalPadding: 5,
   verticalPadding: 0,
   //? Search icon color
   searchIconColor: Colors.white.withOpacity(.7),
   //? Search field background decoration
   searchFieldDecoration: BoxDecoration(
     color: Colors.blueGrey.shade700,
     border: Border.all(color:, width: .5),
     borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(15)),

Background Color

If you want to customize the background color. Please see the example where I decorate a Container for the search bar background. you can decorate as your wish.