Animated Naviation Rail for Flutter


Flutter Animated Naviation Rail with multiple cool effects see example project.


Getting Started

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

animated_rail: any

In your dart file, import the library:

import 'package:animated_rail/index.dart';
        background: hexToColor('#8B77DD'),
        maxWidth: 275,
        width: 100,
        expand: false,
        isStatic: true,
        railTileConfig: RailTileConfig(
            iconSize: 22,
            iconColor: Colors.white,
            expandedTextStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 15),
            collapsedTextStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 12, color: Colors.white),
            activeColor: Colors.indigo,
            iconPadding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 5),
            hideCollapsedText: true,
        items: [
              icon: Icon(Icons.home),
              label: "Home",
              screen: _buildScreen('Home')),
              icon: Icon(Icons.message_outlined),
              label: 'Messages',
              screen: _buildScreen('Messages')),
              icon: Icon(Icons.notifications),
              label: "Notification",
              screen: _buildScreen('Notification')),
              icon: Icon(Icons.person),
              label: 'Profile',
              screen: _buildScreen('Profile')),


Name Description Required Default value
items the tabs of the rail as a list of object type RailItem required -
width the width of the rail when it is opened required 100
maxWidth the max width the rai will snap to, active when exapnd is equal true - 350
direction direction of rail if it is on the right or left required TextDirection.ltr
selectedIndex current selected Index dont use it unlessa you want to change the tabs programmatically - 0
background background of the rail - 0
expand if true the the rail can exapnd and reach maxWidth and the animation for text will take effect - true
isStatic if true the rail will not move vertically - false
railTileConfig Rail tile config - -
cursorSize Size of cursor - Size(100,100)
cursorActionType adds click trigger option to use on cursor - CursorActionTrigger.drag
builder custom widgt builder for rail menu items - -

future features

x full custom tab x add more customization to rail item custom rail pointer custom rail shape

Contributions are more than welcomed