A Flutter package that contains Neumorphismic theme Container.

Getting Started

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  animated_neumorphic: "^0.1.0"

In your library add the following import:

import 'package:animated_neumorphic/animated_neumorphic.dart';

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.


For simple button:

class NeumorphicButton extends StatefulWidget {
  final bool isActive;

  const NeumorphicButton({Key key, this.isActive}) : super(key: key);

  _NeumorphicButtonState createState() => _NeumorphicButtonState();

class _NeumorphicButtonState extends State<NeumorphicButton> {
  bool _isActive = false;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return GestureDetector(
      onTap: () {
        setState(() {
          _isActive = !_isActive;
      child: AnimatedNeumorphicContainer(
        depth: _isActive ? 0.0 : 1.0,
        color: Color(0xFFF2F2F2),
        width: 60,
        height: 60,
        radius: 16,
        child: Icon(Icons.access_time),


Please see the Changelog page to know what's recently changed.


Feel free to contribute to this project.

If you find a bug or want a feature, but don't know how to fix/implement it, please fill an issue.
If you fixed a bug or implemented a feature, please send a pull request.