Animated Native Splash

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Getting Started 🚀

Making native aimated splash seems like a huge issue but with this package everything is done for. All you need is Json file of your animated object and we can help you to bring them to life. 🎇

Usage 🎨

First, add animated_native_splash as a dev dependency in your pubspec.yaml file. It belongs in dev_dependencies because it is a command line tool.

  animated_native_splash: ^1.0.0

  # This package generates native code to customize Flutter's splash

  # jsonFile is the only required parameter.This the file use to setup the animation object.
  jsonFile: assets/splash.json

Run the package

After adding your settings, run the following command in the terminal:

flutter pub run animated_native_splash:create

Now wait for everything to finish injecting. BOOM you have your animated native splash setup 🎉

Release Notes 💙

🚀New Feature
Support only android currently

Known Issues 💔

No known issues so far.

Demo 👀


Animated Native Splash [...]
If the current platform is supported, load [...]
If the current platform is unsupported, throw an error. [...]