Animated Native Splash

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Getting Started 🚀

Making native aimated splash seems like a huge issue but with this package everything is done for. All you need is Json file of your animated object and we can help you to bring them to life. 🎇

Usage 🎨

First, add animated_native_splash as a dev dependency in your pubspec.yaml file. It belongs in dev_dependencies because it is a command line tool.

  animated_native_splash: ^1.0.0

  # This package generates native code to customize Flutter's splash

  # jsonFile is the only required parameter.This the file use to setup the animation object.
  jsonFile: assets/splash.json

Run the package

After adding your settings, run the following command in the terminal:

flutter pub run animated_native_splash:create

Now wait for everything to finish injecting. BOOM you have your animated native splash setup 🎉

Note that on web, you maybe bad splash effects on debug run but all will be normal when you deploy your website to any web host of your preference

Release Notes 💙

🚀 New Feature
Support Android
Support Web

Known Issues 💔

No known issues so far.

Demo 👀

Web ### Mobile


Animated Native Splash
If the current platform is supported, load
If the current platform is unsupported, throw an error.