Simple Animated Introduction Screen for Flutter


Add this to your flutter app to get a simple animated introduction screen.


Getting started

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  animated_introduction: ^1.0.3


Import the package

import 'package:animated_introduction/animated_introduction.dart';

Create a list of SingleIntroScreen objects

final List<SingleIntroScreen> pages = [
  const SingleIntroScreen(
    title: 'Welcome to the Event Management App !',
    description: 'You plans your Events, We\'ll do the rest and will be the best! Guaranteed!  ',
    imageAsset: 'assets/onboard_one.png',
  const SingleIntroScreen(
    title: 'Book tickets to cricket matches and events',
    description: 'Tickets to the latest movies, crickets matches, concerts, comedy shows, plus lots more !',
    imageAsset: 'assets/onboard_two.png',
  const SingleIntroScreen(
    title: 'Grabs all events now only in your hands',
    description: 'All events are now in your hands, just a click away ! ',
    imageAsset: 'assets/onboard_three.png',

Pass the list to AnimatedIntroduction widget

  body: AnimatedIntroduction(
    slides: pages,
    onDone: () {
/// TODO: Go to desire page like login or home