angular.experimental library

A set of experimental APIs for AngularDart.

Internal APIs that are considered "public" for other packages to consume but not for standard consumer use. For example, we might alter or remove any API from this package at any time, without changing the version.

Warning: No API exposed as part of this package is considered stable.


An alternative to NgFor optimized for immutable/unmodified collections.


Used to annotate an "OnPush" component that may load "Default" components.


debugUsesDefaultChangeDetection(ComponentRef<void> componentRef) bool
Returns whether componentRef uses ChangeDetectionStrategy.Default.
inAngularZone(NgZone ngZone, Zone zone) bool
For a zone, returns whether it is within AngularDart ngZone.
isDomRenderDirty() bool
Returns true when AngularDart has modified the DOM.
longestPendingTimer(NgZone zone) Duration
For a zone, returns the Duration of the longest pending timer.
resetDomRenderDirty() → void
Resets the state of isDomRenderDirty to false.
rootInjector(InjectorFactory userInjector) Injector
Create a root application Injector.
typeToFactory(Object typeOrFactory) ComponentFactory<Object>
Transitional API: Returns a ComponentFactory for typeOrFactory.