Dart Angles

Official Dart package

Say goodby to naming suffixes like ...deg or ...rad, manual angle conversions like x * rad2deg and the inevitable mess when mixing up multiple angle units in your code.

This library provides a single class named Angle, wrapping your angle variables in a far more readable way, whereas raw doubles aren't very expressive about how they store their values. One can create an angle from various units, including degrees, radians, gradians and turns.

// Various ways to define a half turn:
a0 = Angle.fromDegrees(180.0);
a1 = Angle.fromRadians(math.pi);
a2 = Angle.fromTurns(0.5);

a0.degrees; // = 180.0
a1.radians; // = 3.1415...
a2.turns;   // = 0.5

Trigonometic functions are defined on instances:

x = Angle.asin(0.3);
y = x.sin; // = 0.3

Angles are immutable by design, but there are operators like +, creating new angles:

// 270°:
x = Angle.halfTurn() + Angle.fromDegrees(90.0);


Support for angles in a more readable way than raw doubles. Never every about the unit your angle is stored in.