Angel3 Mongo

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MongoDB-enabled services for the Angel3 framework.


Add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  angel3_mongo: ^6.0.0


This library exposes one main class: MongoService.


Model is class with no real functionality; however, it represents a basic document, and your services should host inherited classes. Other Angel service providers host Model as well, so you will easily be able to modify your application if you ever switch databases.

class User extends Model {
  String username;
  String password;

void main() async {
    var db = Db('mongodb://localhost:27017/local');
    var service = app.use('/api/users', MongoService(db.collection("users")));
    service.afterCreated.listen((event) {
        print("New user: ${event.result}");


This class interacts with a DbCollection (from mongo_dart) and serializing data to and from Maps.


You can query these services as follows:


The above will query the database to find records where 'foo' equals 'bar'.

The former will sort result in ascending order of creation, and so will the latter.

    List queried = await MyService.index({r"$query": ObjectId.fromHexString("some hex string"})));

And, of course, you can use mongo_dart queries. Just pass it as query within params.

See the tests for more usage examples.