Angel3 Migration Runner

Pub Version (including pre-releases) Null Safety Gitter License

Database migration runner for Angel3 ORM.

Supported database:

  • PostgreSQL 10.x or greater
  • MariaDB 10.2.x or greater
  • MySQL 8.x or greater


  • Use PostgresMigrationRunner to perform database migration for PostgreSQL.

  • Use MySqlMigrationRunner to perform database migration for MySQL and MariaDB. This runner is using mysql_client driver.

  • Use MariaDbMigrationRunner to perform database migration for MariaDB. This runner is usingmysql1 driver.

Supported Operations

  • reset - Clear out all records in the migrations table and drop all the managed ORM tables.
  • up - Generate all the managed ORM tables based on the ORM models.
  • refresh - Run reset follow by up