main library


canDrawOverlays() Future<bool>
Checks if this app can draw on top of other apps.
close() → void
Close android window.
isRunning() Future<bool>
Checks if the window is running.
open({String entryPoint = 'androidWindow', Size size = const Size(400, 600), Offset position = const Offset(0, 0), bool focusable = false}) → void
Open an android window that over top of other apps.
post(String name, [Object? data]) Future<Object?>
Send message to window.
requestPermission() Future<void>
Request overlay permission.
resize(int width, int height) Future<void>
Resize window.
setHandler(Future<Object?> handler(String name, Object? data)) → void
Set message handler.
setPosition(int x, int y) Future<void>
Set position of window.