Android SMS Consent

Flutter plugin to perform one-tap SMS verification with the SMS User Consent API in Android.

The following criteria must meet for the API to be triggered:

  • The message contains a 4-10 character alphanumeric string with at least one number.
  • The message was sent by a phone number that's not in the user's contacts.
  • If you specified the sender's phone number, the message was sent by that number.


  final androidSmsConsent = AndroidSmsConsent(
    pattern: r'\d{4,}',
    onAllowed: (sms) {
    onDenied: () {
        const SnackBar(content: Text('User denied!')),
    onPatternUnmatched: () {
        const SnackBar(
          content: Text('OTP not found! Please try entering OTP manually.'),