getResolvedUnitResult method

Future<ResolvedUnitResult> getResolvedUnitResult(
  1. String path

Return the result of analyzing the file with the given path.

Throw a RequestFailure is the file cannot be analyzed.


Future<ResolvedUnitResult> getResolvedUnitResult(String path) async {
  final contextCollection = _contextCollection;
  if (contextCollection != null) {
    final analysisContext = contextCollection.contextFor(path);
    final analysisSession = analysisContext.currentSession;
    final unitResult = await analysisSession.getResolvedUnit(path);
    if (unitResult is ResolvedUnitResult) {
      return unitResult;
  // Return an error from the request.
  throw RequestFailure(
    RequestErrorFactory.pluginError('Failed to analyze $path', null),