lookUpGetter abstract method

PropertyAccessorElement? lookUpGetter(
  1. String getterName,
  2. LibraryElement library

Return the element representing the getter that results from looking up the given getterName in this class with respect to the given library, or null if the look up fails. The behavior of this method is defined by the Dart Language Specification in section 16.15.2:

The result of looking up getter (respectively setter) m in class C with respect to library L is: If C declares an instance getter (respectively setter) named m that is accessible to L, then that getter (respectively setter) is the result of the lookup. Otherwise, if C has a superclass S, then the result of the lookup is the result of looking up getter (respectively setter) m in S with respect to L. Otherwise, we say that the lookup has failed.
TODO(scheglov) Deprecate and remove it.


PropertyAccessorElement? lookUpGetter(
    String getterName, LibraryElement library);