An easy generator for tracking firebase analytics events via type safe methods.

Add to pubspec.yaml

Check pub for the latest version: Pub Pub

  # ...
  analytics_event: 0.1.0
  analytics_event_gen: 0.1.0
  # include build_runner, only used for code generation.
  build_runner: ^1.6.5

Create AnalyticsEvents class:

// analytics.dart

import 'package:analytics_event/analytics_event.dart';

// this file will be generated.
part 'analytics.g.dart';

class MyAnalyticsBloc {
  MyAnalyticsBloc() {
    // initialize generated events class implementation.
    // the generated code will simply transform the method name
    // into an `eventName` and pass it to your callback method.
    // you can then do whatever you want with it, e.g. send to 
    // firebase analytics.
    events.registerTracker((eventName, params) {
      FirebaseAnalytics().logEvent(name: event, parameters: params);
  final events = _$AnalyticsEvents();

abstract class AnalyticsEvents implements AnalyticsEventStubs {
  void trackMyUserInteraction({double myProp, String yourProp});

Run the build generator

# For flutter projects
flutter pub pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs

# For dart projects
pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs