Anagog SDK Flutter Plugin


This is a Flutter plugin for Aangog JedAI SDK

The Anagog SDK is the industry’s first mobile engagement SDK that uses Edge AI to analyze a variety of first party data from the phone to piece together a person’s profile and real-world daily journey and eventually even predict what that person is likely to do next.

The Anagog SDK is a component within the Anagog Mobile Engagement Platform. By having the SDK included into your app it allows you to

  • Create hyper-personalized, targeted engagement campaigns based on the actual behavior, location and activities of your customers.
  • As mobile phones are a constant presence in the lives of most of us, the SDK can trigger these campaigns based on real-time events and situations, providing crucial relevance to the engagement.

Use our Flutter plugin to integrate our SDK in your Flutter apps.

Please contact our marketing group for details.

Checkout detailed documentation for Android and IOS: Setup Documentation