A package for Saving your Data inside local System. this package will make sure that your files are safe.


you can use this DataBase for your Dart projects. this DataBase have a security system This system will detect changes inside DataBase files.

Getting started

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file.

  amix_database: ^0.0.11

Import the package.

import 'package:amix_database/amix_database.dart'


import 'package:amix_database/amix_database.dart';

void main() async {
  dataBasePath = "path"; //add a path for DataBase

  var myAmDb = AmixDataBaseFile("db"); //create your DataBase
  await myAmDb.exists(); //checking if DataBase exists
  await myAmDb.create(); //creating DataBase folders and files
  await myAmDb.startConfig(); //start configing the DataBase
  await myAmDb.clear(); //clear all data inside DataBase
  await myAmDb.writeNewObject(key: "exampleKey", object: "example"); //create a object inside dataBase
  var result = await myAmDb.get(key: "exampleKey"); //get a Object
  await myAmDb.editObject(key:"exampleKey",object:"hello World!!"); //edit the Object
  await myAmDb.removeObject(key:"exampleKey"); //move the Object to DataBase recycle bin
  await myAmDb.clean(); //remove all of Objects inside recycle bin
  await myAmDb.delete(); //delete DataBase

Additional information