Alquran Cloud

unofficial api wrapper for the free islamic api usage

void main(List<String> args) async {
  /// to enable logs (disabled by default)
  quran_cloud.quranCloud.enableLogs = true;

  /// use edition identifer to determine which edition of the quran to get
  final allEditions = await quran_cloud.getAllEditions();

  /// also you can query the edition you want
  final editionsQuery = await quran_cloud.getAllEditions(
    format: 'text', // or `audio`
    language: 'ar', // use .getEditionSupportedLanguages(); to get the all available languages
    type: 'quran', // user .getEditionTypes() to get all available types

  final quran = await quran_cloud.getQuranByEdition(allEditions.first);

  /// get surah by number and edition
  final surah = await quran_cloud.getSurahByEdition(1, editionsQuery.first);


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