My package is a simple one, containing a multitude of various sorting algorithms as of version one. This will eventually extend to include more algorithms, maybe even pathfinding ones like A*

Getting started

Simply import the package in your dart file and use it like you would any other. Example code down below.


void main(){
  List exampleList = [10,2,5,78,4,3,5,6,76,3,3,2,32,5,6,7,87,4,3,3,32,5,6,7,8,5,43,3,32,4,65,6,77,87,9];
  //Any other Algorithm can also be used like this.

Additional information

Any ideas as to how to further improve the package can be sent through issues. I am however a college student, and it might take some time to fully implement, so sending your own code is appreciated even more!