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📚 Description

algoliasearch is a comprehensive Dart package that provides access to Algolia's robust search and insights features. It is an all-in-one solution designed to help you integrate Algolia within your Dart project seamlessly and efficiently.

The package currently offers the following clients:

  • Search Client: Allows you to leverage Algolia's search capabilities, including instant search results, search-as-you-type, and typo-tolerance.
  • Insights Client: Enables you to collect events related to your search and discovery experience, providing valuable insights into user behavior. With it, you can unlock powerful features such as recommendations, personalization, and smarter search results.
  • Search Lite Client: A lighter, search-only version of the library, perfect for projects that require search functionality without the need for features like indexing.

Future updates will include more clients to cover the entirety of Algolia's feature set, providing a complete toolset for building powerful, interactive search experiences in your Dart or Flutter application.

✨ Features

  • Low-Level HTTP Client: Provides a thin and minimal low-level HTTP client to interact directly with Algolia's API, giving you maximum control over your requests.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly on both native and web platforms, making it ideal for any Dart project.
  • Pure Dart Construction: Built with pure Dart for superior performance and maximum compatibility across Dart projects.

💡 Getting Started

Step 1: Add Dependency

To use this package in your project, add it as a dependency:

For Dart projects:

dart pub add algoliasearch

For Flutter projects:

flutter pub add algoliasearch

Step 2: Import the Package

Now, you can import the algoliasearch package in your Dart code for all operations, including indexing, search, and personalization:

import 'package:algoliasearch/algoliasearch.dart';

Alternatively, you can import algoliasearch_lite, a search-only version of the library, if you do not need the full feature set:

import 'package:algoliasearch/algoliasearch_lite.dart';

📄 License

Algolia API Client is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.