Algolia Flutter Helper

pub package

Provides patterns and APIs that make it possible to customize search experiences at a deeper level, for Flutter framework.


  • Simple: provide simple and easy-to-use utilities to build advanced search experiences
  • Abstraction: manage common search logic and state use-cases
  • Integration: leverage SoC, without assumptions on how the app is built


  • Search query and hits list
  • Search for facet values
  • Multi-index search
  • Filters and facets handling, disjunctive faceting
  • Search metadata (i.e. highlighting)


Component Description
HitsSearcher Component handling search requests.
FacetSearcher Component handling search for facet values requests
MultiSearcher Component handling multi-search experiences aggregating HitsSearcher and FacetSearcher
FilterState Component providing a friendly interface to manage search filters.
FacetList Component to get and manage facets, lets the user refine their search results by filtering on specific values.
Highlighting Set of tools to highlight relevant parts of the search results.


Algolia search helpers for Flutter