alarmplayer is a very simple plugin to play sounds with their own volume, so that you can play critical alarms also when the phone is on silent mode.

Getting started

To use this plugin :

Add dependency to your flutter project:

$ flutter pub add alarmplayer


  alarmplayer: ^newest

Add following import to your code:

import 'package:alarmplayer/alarmplayer.dart';


Instantiate an Alarmplayer instance

Alarmplayer alarmplayer = Alarmplayer();

Play alarm.

  url: "assets/alarm.mp3",  // Path of sound file. 
  volume: 0.5,              // optional, set the volume, default 1.
  looping: true             // optional, if you want to loop you're alarm or not
  callback: ()              // this is the callback, it's getting executed if you're alarm
  => {print("i'm done!")}   // is done playing. Note if you're alarm is on loop you're callback won't be executed 

Stop alarm.

alarmplayer.stop();         // Stop alarm.

is playing?

alarmplayer.IsPlaying();    // returning a boolean if the alarm is currently playing.


Of course the project is open source, and you can contribute to it repository link

  • If you found a bug, open an issue.
  • If you have a feature request, open an issue.
  • If you want to contribute, submit a pull request.

Note for ios.

currently there is no implementation for ios yet!

Made by Mrbluesky-ai.