authentication/authentication library


Options for {@link createAuthenticationRequestUrl}. All these options may be limited further by the identity provider, or an error can happen.
List of things to check for a delegation chain validity.


createAuthenticationRequestUrl(CreateUrlOptions options) Uri
Create a URL that can be used to redirect the browser to request authentication (e.g. using the authentication provider). Will throw if some options are invalid. @param options An option with all options for the authentication request.
createDelegationChainFromAccessToken(String accessToken) DelegationChain
Create a DelegationChain from an AccessToken extracted from a redirect URL. @param accessToken The access token extracted from a redirect URL.
getAccessTokenFromURL(dynamic url) String?
Analyze a URL and try to extract an AccessToken from it. @param url The URL to look into.
getAccessTokenFromWindow(dynamic link) → dynamic
Returns an AccessToken from the Window object. This cannot be used in Node, instead use the {@link getAccessTokenFromURL} function.
isDelegationValid(DelegationChain chain, DelegationValidChecks? checks) → dynamic
Analyze a DelegationChain and validate that it's valid, ie. not expired and apply to the scope. @param chain The chain to validate. @param checks Various checks to validate on the chain.