Africa Schools - Tertiary Institutions

This is a package that is created out of need. It houses the list of Tertiary Institutions in the African Continent.



  • List of Universities
  • List of Polytechnics
  • List of Colleges of Education
  • List of Health Sciences

! We only have Nigeria's Tertiary Institutions here but we hope to evolve to other countries.

Getting started

🎖 Installing

  africa_schools: ^latest_version

⚡️ Import

import 'package:africa_schools/africa_schools.dart';

Usage<DropdownMenuItem<String>>((String value) {
return DropdownMenuItem<String>(
    value: value,
    child: Text(value,
    maxLines: 1, overflow: TextOverflow.ellipsis),

🐛 Bugs/Requests

If you encounter any problems feel free to open an issue. If you feel the library is missing a feature, please raise a ticket on Github and I'll look into it. Pull request are also welcome.

We also welcome contributors. Let us improve this package and make it more interesting 😎