pub package

A Flutter plugin that provides a ADCIO Agent Widget service. This is an LLM (GPT)-based chatbot that recommends customized products through conversation.

To learn more about ADCIO, please visit the ADCIO website

Getting Started

To get started with ADCIO account, please register ADCIO account


NOTE: All adcio packages require the adcio_core package as a dependency and make use of initializeApp() for setup.

There is a simple use example:

import 'package:adcio_placement/adcio_placement.dart';

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Scaffold(
    appBar: AppBar(
      title: const Text('adcio_agent example app'),
    body: AdcioAgent(
      onClickProduct: (String productId) {
        log('productId = $productId');

        // Navigation and routing
        final route = MaterialPageRoute(
          builder: (context) => DemoProductPage(
            productId: productId,

To learn more about usage of plugin, please visit the adcio_agent Usage documentation.

Issues and feedback

If the plugin has issues, bugs, feedback, Please contact