showOkAlertDialog function Null safety

Future<OkCancelResult> showOkAlertDialog(
  1. {required BuildContext context,
  2. String? title,
  3. String? message,
  4. String? okLabel,
  5. bool barrierDismissible = true,
  6. AdaptiveStyle alertStyle = AdaptiveStyle.adaptive,
  7. bool useActionSheetForCupertino = false,
  8. bool useRootNavigator = true,
  9. VerticalDirection actionsOverflowDirection = VerticalDirection.up,
  10. bool fullyCapitalizedForMaterial = true}

Show OK alert dialog, whose appearance is adaptive according to platform

This is convenient wrapper of showAlertDialog. barrierDismissible (default: true) only works for material style, and if it is set to false, pressing OK button is only way to close alert. actionsOverflowDirection works only for Material style currently.


Future<OkCancelResult> showOkAlertDialog({
  required BuildContext context,
  String? title,
  String? message,
  String? okLabel,
  bool barrierDismissible = true,
  AdaptiveStyle alertStyle = AdaptiveStyle.adaptive,
  bool useActionSheetForCupertino = false,
  bool useRootNavigator = true,
  VerticalDirection actionsOverflowDirection = VerticalDirection.up,
  bool fullyCapitalizedForMaterial = true,
}) async {
  final result = await showAlertDialog<OkCancelResult>(
    context: context,
    title: title,
    message: message,
    barrierDismissible: barrierDismissible,
    style: alertStyle,
    useActionSheetForCupertino: useActionSheetForCupertino,
    useRootNavigator: useRootNavigator,
    actionsOverflowDirection: actionsOverflowDirection,
    fullyCapitalizedForMaterial: fullyCapitalizedForMaterial,
    actions: [
        label: okLabel ?? MaterialLocalizations.of(context).okButtonLabel,
        key: OkCancelResult.ok,
  return result ?? OkCancelResult.cancel;