Dart client for generating an ACDC object from provided issuer id, data in a .json format and sai of the OCA schema. Currently, only Android is supported. More platforms will be available soon.


In order to use the plugin, an ACDC object has to be created using newStaticMethodAcdc:

acdc = await Acdc.newStaticMethodAcdc(
        issuer: "Issuer",
        schema: "EFNWOR0fQbv_J6EL0pJlvCxEpbu4bg1AurHgr_0A7LKc",
        data: """{"hello":"world"}""");

As a next step, the generated object has to be serialized to a String using encodeMethodAcdc. Finally, parseStaticMethodAcdc is used to parse the ACDC from string.


The plugin uses .so files generated for a physical Android device and is reported that it fails to work on an Android Studio simulator.