A flutter SDK contains a digital health assessment PWA (WebView)

Feature :

  1. Digital Health Assessment - Facial Scan, Report Download, View Report, Health Questionnaire

Prerequisites :

Android minSDK = 19, maxSDK = 33

IOS minimum version = 11.0

Flutter environment: sdk: '>=2.19.2 <3.0.0' flutter: ">=1.17.0"

Usages :

Add dependency in the pubspec.yaml file as follows:

abw_sample_packagev1: ^0.0.4

Add following in the custom card’s onpressed or ontap method:

onPressed: () => DHAABWCustom.dhaABW(context, {customer ID}, {First Name}, {Last Name}, {Client Code}),

For e.g.: DHAABWCustom.dhaABW(context, "4", "Vishwangi", "Shah", "abcd"),

Android Settings :

Add the permissions in the AndroidManifest.xml file

Go to file ->android ->app ->src ->main ->AndroidManifest.xml

Add below permissions in the manifest tag

IOS Settings :

Add this permission in info.plist