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A star rating package with features

webfeed is a dart package for parsing RSS and Atom feeds. Media, DublinCore, iTunes, Syndication namespaces are also supported.

Flutter Plugin used to edit and read audios/songs infos/tags [Mp3, OggVorbis, Wav, etc...].


Flutter Plugin for create deep link using Brach SDK ( This plugin provides a cross-platform (iOS, Android).

Mobilisten enables you to give your users the best in-app live chat experience. Mobilisten provides drop-in in-app chat and knowledge base.

storyly_flutter is the official flutter package of Storyly. You can easily add stories to your Flutter app with this package.

Native Dart interface to multiple YouTube REST APIs including the Data API, Live Streaming API and Cloud Vision API.

A Flutter plugin for Flurry Analytics SDK. Flurry Push for messaging and Flurry Config for remote configuration are supported by our plugin as well!

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