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A Flutter plugin to use Paytm as a Payment gateway for accepting online payments in Flutter app. Paytm All-in-One SDK.

A Flutter package providing Json Table Widget for directly showing table from a json(Map).

Library to create CLI wizards by Zhenya Dubskiy <>

A search page built for minimal work and good performance. Enjoy.

An avatar widget that uses the best available data source among those provided (social images, gravatar, name initials, custom)

A Flutter widget to add links to your text. Linkable widget is a wrapper over RichText which allows you to render links that can be clicked to redirect to the URL.

Simple logging library for DIO requests. Prints request and response information to a console.

Communicate with your feathers js server from flutter app with unbelieved ease and make happy your customers.

A simple yet powerful rich text view that supports mention, hashtag, emial, url and see more.

IsolateHttp provides a way to launch 'http' library in Isolate with IsolatesFlutter.

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