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ProAnimatedBlur is a widget that blurs the underlying area of its child widget and it works like AnimatedContainer, AnimatedOpacity

Set of method-extensions for dart that makes using framework in a much easier and clean way also adds additional functionality.

Jiffy is a date dart package inspired by momentjs for parsing, manipulating and formatting dates

Flutter plugin that allows you to detect mobile screenshot and execute callback functions on iOS and Android.

A Minimal and Simple carousel indicator library which take index as an argument and update indicator index. This library had pre-built slide animation.

Create tile with banner at the corner. This package allow you to make a Listtile with option to show or hide banner. Banner with "New" tag or something you want. And lot more.

Flutter plugin that list of images from URLs allows you to display and zoomable multi image on iOS and Android.

This plugin makes it easier to scan nearby iBeacons and range them in flutter app. Scaned beacons will provide proximity values.

Flutter plugin for launching emails on mobile platforms. Support iOS and Android.

The ultimate string validator for dart and flutter with over 40+ validators

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