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Dart wrapper client for the competitive What? Where? When? rating WebAPIRating

Finds degree of similarity between two strings, based on Dice's Coefficient, which is mostly better than Levenshtein distance.

Auto-generated client libraries for accessing Google APIs described through the API discovery service.

MongoDB driver, implemented in pure Dart. All CRUD operations, aggregation pipeline and more!

A library to generate Gravatar URL in Dart 2 based on gravatar specs.

A library to help on the search for books on google books api

A port in dart of the youtube explode library. Supports several API functions without the need of Youtube API Key.

webfeed is a dart package for parsing RSS and Atom feeds. Media, DublinCore, iTunes, Syndication namespaces are also supported.

Native Dart interface to multiple YouTube REST APIs including the Data API, Live Streaming API and Cloud Vision API.

With that package you will be able to use Google Maps JavaScript API from Dart scripts.


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