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A simple Event Bus using Dart Streams for decoupling applications

NoSQL persistent embedded file system document-based database for Dart VM and Flutter with encryption support.

Utilities for working with English words. Counts syllables, generates well-sounding word combinations, and provides access to the top 5000 English words by usage.

A dynamic parser framework to build efficient grammars and parsers quickly.

A parser for YAML, a human-friendly data serialization standard

A Dart mock library which simplifies mocking with null safety support and no manual mocks or code generation.

String replacement with operations that are Unicode/grapheme cluster aware.

A unified form representation in Dart which aims to simplify form representation and validation in a generic way.

An opinionated, community-driven set of lint rules for Dart and Flutter projects. Like pedantic but stricter

A platform-independent package for parsing and serializing HTTP formats.

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