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Process run helpers for Linux/Win/Mac and which like feature for finding executables.

Removes common accents and diacritical signs from a string by replacing them with an equivalent character.

ValueNotifier, but outside Flutter and with some extra perks

Versions and version constraints implementing pub's versioning policy. This is very similar to vanilla semver, with a few corner cases.

Algolia is a pure dart SDK, wrapped around Algolia REST API for easy implementation for your Flutter or Dart projects.

Dart library to connect to Ethereum clients. Send transactions and interact with smart contracts!

A time-based job scheduler similar to cron. Run tasks periodically at fixed times or intervals.

Utilities for converting between data representations. Provides a number of Sink, Codec, Decoder, and Encoder types.

sqflite ffi based implementation, for desktop and units tests.

A convinent request router for the shelf web-framework, with support for URL-parameters, nested routers and routers generated from source annotations.

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