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A FLutter Package by devNation

JavaScript parser originally written by Asger Feldthaus<>, upgarded to dart 2.4 by Anurag Vohra <>

alpha vantage package api updated by Basil Zuberi, initial creation by Jose Melendez Castro <> <>

A simple (but correct) dart class for validating email addresses

A Flutter package to create easy slide animation countdown / countup timer.

Dart lexer for various programming languages base on lex v0.0.1 originally published by edit by

Simple Dart package for creating mailto links in your Flutter apps

A custom switch widget that can have a custom height and width, borders, border radius, colors, toggle size, custom text and icons inside the toggle.

A Flutter package to parse text and make them into multiple Flutter Text widget.

A Flutter package to create easy create loading card between two colors

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